Reducing Patient Falls Through Clinical Consultancy in Digital Health

The impact of Rauland’s digital health consultants to enhance patient care 

Improving patient care is our passion and at Rauland Australia and New Zealand, our digital health consultants are at the forefront of this mission. With a combined experience of over 150 clinical years, our clinical consultants – all registered nurses – are dedicated to transforming care for the wellbeing for patients and staff.  

The clinical consultancy team are experts in bridging the power of our Concentric Care Platform that enhances clinical workflows and communication, into real clinical settings with a focus on the seamless integration with existing hospital infrastructure. Key features include advanced nurse call systems, predictive care technologies, and data analytics for fall risk detection and prevention with the aim to improve patient safety, reduce falls and their associated costs. By partnering with clinicians, we empower healthcare facilities to deliver high-quality clinical and care outcomes.  

One key example of the tangible impact we have made is demonstrated by our partnership with South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD). Here, sensor mats and Proximate alarms connected to Rauland’s digital communication and workflow system have significantly reduced falls rates. The platform enables a prompt notification of staff when the alarms are raised, ensuring a swift, multi-disciplinary response that minimises patient risk and improves safety. Equally, the system’s integration into the existing infrastructure at SWSLHD that connects hospitals such as Liverpool, Bankstown, Campbelltown and Bowral hospitals has shown remarkable success, with quicker response times, reduction in falls rates within 12 months of implementation, and zero falls related to alarms post-implementation at Liverpool Hospital. Not only does this enhance patient safety, but it also leads to notable cost savings, estimated to be around $4000 annually by eliminating the need for pagers and reducing battery waste.  

Raj Gujraz, the Districts’ Falls Prevention Co-ordinator at SWSLHD, says, “Patient safety is our utmost priority. As a result, we have initiated several quality improvement projects to improve patient outcomes as well as enhance nursing sensitive indicators”. But more important than just the fiscal savings (an in-hospital fall adds upwards of $14,000 to a patient stay), Raj and the team have been able to demonstrate a clear reduction in actual falls – improving the lives of especially older Australians who are more negatively impacted by in hospital falls. 

At the heart of our approach is collaboration, working closely with other hospital partners and vendors who have a shared commitment to problem-solving. By valuing and including our clinician partners in the entire process, we foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in healthcare settings. 

By leveraging digital health technologies and fostering strong partnerships, Rauland Australia and New Zealand is committed to helping healthcare providers deliver exceptional care, ensuring patient safety and improving operational efficiency; shaping a bringer, healthier future for all. 


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