Find what you need, where you need it.

Concentric Care Pinpoint, part of our Connect suite of solutions, provides leading Real Time Location Services for mental health care providers.

Platform precision.

In mental health care, every second counts. Pinpoint provides real-time tracking and management of equipment, staff and consumers, while integrating with the wider Concentric Care platform for greater efficiency and improved consumer outcomes.

  • One platform.

    Concentric Care is a complete technology solution for mental health care providers. One platform provides mental health care clinicians with the suite of solutions they need to communicate, connect and care. Pinpoint offers a complete view of the movements within a mental health care facility – including equipment, clinicians and people with a lived experience of mental illness in low dependency units using industry-leading real-time location systems.

  • One partner.

    Concentric Care delivers mental health care decision makers with a more simple and straightforward way to manage their investment in care. With Rauland Australia, providers gain a single trusted technology partner, providing them with the suite of solutions to succeed. Pinpoint provides Concentric Care clients with an advanced Real Time Location Services solution without the need for additional technology partners.

  • One point of focus.

    Concentric Care creates a single point of focus for mental health care clinicians with seamless solutions aligned to clinical workflows, that work the way clinicians do. Pinpoint is deployed alongside our Clinical Services team to identify optimisation opportunities at every point in the process. Discover the precision of Pinpoint.

Pinpoint what you need or where you’re going with accuracy and ease.

Monitoring and data management converge to create a leading solution for everything from wayfinding, to locating colleagues, monitoring consumer safety, and tracking critical equipment in the quickest and most reliable way.

Here and now.

Pinpoint is an end to end, mobile-centric solution for clinicians and mental health care providers. Sophisticated geo-fencing to understand where clinicians are and when, multi-floor management and continuous location services create a safer and smarter healthcare environment.