The vantage point on mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

Concentric Care Lighthouse leads our Care suite of solutions with innovative software enabling clinicians to gain complete transparency of the consumer journey, in real time, with smart monitoring that makes the difference.

The navigational aide in care.

Just as a lighthouse provides navigational aide for pilots at sea, Lighthouse’s safety monitoring provides navigational aide for mental health care clinicians. Lighthouse is industry-leading in its ability to provide accurate, real-time information and greater transparency of the entire consumer journey.

  • One platform.

    Concentric Care is a complete technology solution for mental health care providers. One platform provides clinicians with the suite of solutions they need to communicate, connect and care. Lighthouse lives at the centre of the consumer care journey.

  • One partner.

    Concentric Care delivers mental health care decision makers with a more simple and straightforward way to manage their investment in care. With Rauland Australia, providers gain a single trusted technology partner, providing them with the suite of solutions to succeed. While Lighthouse delivers clinicians, allied health workers and mental health care providers one partner for managing every consumer journey.

  • One point of focus.

    Concentric Care creates a single point of focus for clinicians with seamless solutions aligned to clinical workflows, that work the way clinicians do. Lighthouse is deployed alongside our Clinical Services team to identify optimisation opportunities at every point in the process. Delivering greater control, flexibility and care from a single software solution.

Scan the healthcare horizon.

From connectivity to transparency, workflow to accountability and efficiency, Lighthouse delivers a single solution to scan the entire journey of a consumer from admissions to handover, to discharge. With integration to all systems and solutions across the entire Concentric Care platform. The speed of response to identifying any potential issues in the consumer care environment is critical to the safety of everyone, from the people with a lived experience of mental illness currently in care, to co-inhabitants, to clinicians themselves. Lighthouse enables an effective, albeit non-intrusive approach to safety in mental health and wellbeing care.

Software that works the way clinicians do.

The intuitive features of Lighthouse put clinicians in control, providing a software solution that’s aligned to the ways they work. Developed and delivered with our Clinical Services team, we’ve worked to create a more human-centred software experience that makes life easier for everyone participating in the consumer journey. This includes the digitisation of many manual, paper-based solutions - supporting digital transformation across the consumer journey. Working seamlessly with all other Concentric Care solutions, Lighthouse provides end to end integration for a complete perspective.
Consumer safety is paramount with Lighthouse. The system supports advanced planning for the care, monitoring and protection of people with a lived experience of mental illness and their co-inhabitants. Lighthouse provides continuous consumer safety monitoring with an advanced falls detection solution. Unobtrusive detection panels are deployed without the need for cameras, and provide a safe and dignified solution for mental health care facilities.

The system enables clinicians to focus on higher risk people with a lived experience of mental illness, and easily monitor and respond to changes in wellness.