Behind every great business, there’s a great story. Here’s ours.

We’ve been in business for 28 years, and while we’ve evolved through and experienced great changes in innovation - one thing has remained the same: the passion of our people, and the care they bring to our business and the 300 customers our business cares for, every day.

Together, we’re proud to provide a new perspective on care for acute and aged providers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our platform, Concentric Care, delivers a single point of focus from a single trusted partner, providing a platform for change in the way clinicians and carers communicate, connect and care. Concentric Care provides our customers with a more complete, end to end technology experience, making the most of their investment in care.

From seamless solutions that work the way clinicians and carers do, to clear communication that saves lives—the future of healthcare is found in Concentric Care. With our platform every one of our solutions shares the same center, connecting care between the people and places who need it most, while providing a vantage point on clinical and care outcomes for a better world.

Our platform partners.

Our technology partners play an important role in the innovation of our platform and the continued improvement of Concentric Care’s suite of solutions. Learn more about our leading industry partnerships.

  • Rauland AMETEK Inc.

    Through our strategic partnership with Rauland AMETEK Inc. in the US, we provide our customers with innovation Nurse Call solutions that change that way clinicians and carers communicate, connect and care.

  • Siemens AG

    Our longstanding partnership with Siemens AG, enables our customers the best access to industry-leading connectivity solutions in entertainment and engagement.

  • Tetronik

    Tetronik continues to transform customer communication with Concentric Care. Mission critical messaging solutions ensure customers receive the right messages, in the right places, at the right time, every time.

Working at Rauland.

With 28 years in the game, we have some of the best in the business on our team, and good times to boot. Discover more about the people, culture and careers of Rauland below.

It’s our people that make the platform.

With 148 staff across five locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, it’s the people behind the platform that create the industry-leading experience of Concentric Care.

Steve Gomes, Director

Kimberley Carty, General Manager - Corporate Services

Kristy Aspland, Company Accountant

Vickie Knight, Clinical Services Executive

Shanje Liu, Clinical Applications Specialist

René Botha, Manager – People & Culture

Jenna Taylor, People & Culture Officer

Jenny Docherty, Marketing & Communications Manager

A culture of creativity and excellence.

Rauland is home to a culture of excellence - promoting creativity, lean thinking and active learning in every interaction both in and outside of our business. Built from the ground up, and with 28 years in the game, we’re a team that backs each other, giving our all, every day. These are the values we play by.


Looking out for and after the wellbeing of our people, and the people we work with.


Building a collaborative team approach to everything we do at Rauland.


We commit and we deliver on all that we say and do for each other and our customers.


We consistently do what is right by each other, our customers and the clinicians and carers we support.

Work Ethic

We always get the job done, working together to exceed the expectations of our industry.

Customer Focus

Our customer’s priority is our priority. We’re on their team, just as they’re on ours. We scale and succeed together.

Working at Rauland.

With 28 years in the game, we have some of the best in the business on our team, and good times to boot. Discover more about the people, culture and careers of Rauland below.

The extra mile.

From the Rauland Development Cycling Team to sustainable innovation, we’re committed to going the extra mile for the health and wellbeing of both people and planet. Explore our initiatives below.

  • Sustainability.

    We’re passionate about our role in the world and our responsibility in the workplace to deliver innovative solutions that are not only industry-leading in performance, but in sustainability too. From packaging to energy usage, sustainability drives our decision making at every point in our process.

  • Wellness, wellbeing and learning.

    As a leading healthcare provider, we believe in the power of wellness and wellbeing, as well as active learning, to create a more rewarding company culture that helps everyone be at their best. We pride ourselves in not only the care of our customers and those they care for, but the care of our people.

  • In the community.

    With five locations in two countries, Rauland lives at the heart of the communities we work in. We’re proud to be an employer that values equality, diversity and inclusion. We’re also proud participants in supporting the next generation of athletes with our very own Rauland Development Cycling Team

Careers at Rauland.

Here’s a list of our current career opportunities open for application at Rauland Australia . If you’re interested in a career at Rauland, we’d love to hear from you.

We are a quality accredited organisation.

Committed to managing our business systems and processes in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. In addition to this, our equipment is fully compliant with Australian regulatory requirements and industry standards.